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Veterans' Benefits

This post will discuss something a little different than your standard law firm blog post. This post will focus on an issue that is very close to our hearts and is something we fight to fix all the time. We will focus on veteran and military benefits and, more specifically, the denial or backlog of those benefits. If you are currently serving, or you have served, and you have been denied something (usually money) that was promised to you or that you applied for, please read this post to see how we might help. Each veteran and military benefit case is fact specific and we cannot make any guarantees regarding the resolution of your situation. Rather, we want to prepare you to ask the right questions and to guide you in the right direction if you are not getting the answers you need.

We will begin by telling a story, one that might not be all that different from your own story. A member of our family served in Vietnam, during the time frame in which “Agent Orange” was used in country. That family member, although suffering from congestive heart failure and lung problems, was denied full disability from the Veterans’ Administration on multiple occasions. It turns out, however, that the unit this person was attached to and the dates of service in which they were deployed to Vietnam raised an irrefutable presumption that they were entitled to full veteran disability because of exposure to Agent Orange. Not once was this ever mentioned by anyone at the VA and it was not until doing some research that we discovered this option. These are the types of situations we want to help you with. Perhaps you are not being told the entire truth and are wrongfully being denied benefits for which the government mandated your entitlement.

Current military and veterans unfortunately face such similar issues all the time. Often you are not sure whom to turn to when the government denies your claim. We are exactly the people that can help you discover any possible remedies to the denial or withholding of your claim. We have seen these things happen personally and we are committed to making sure that the cycle does not continue. In fact, our founding attorney, Mr. Robert Berleth, has faithfully served of our country for 17 years, both in the United States Army and the Army National Guard. While in Lubbock, Texas, Mr. Berleth spent a large portion of his free time volunteering with an organization that worked directly with veterans. This organization’s mission was to help veterans with any legal problems, including the wrongful denial or postponement of veteran benefits. The point is: We are qualified to help you too.

And our experience is not limited to serving veterans. We also know that many current service members are awaiting benefits promised to them upon their entry in the military. Perhaps your recruiter promised you an enlistment bonus if you signed an agreement to serve for a certain time period. You might be waiting for that bonus still despite having fulfilled your portion of the agreement. Our firm is equipped with the knowledge of understanding how to act on your behalf to receive that payment. Whether you joined the national or state component of the military, we can work to require the government to fulfill their obligation to you. More often than not, an appeals process is the appropriate recourse when the government has issued a denial or postponement. More importantly, though, it is unnecessarily confusing and time consuming to attempt to appeal on your own. That is why our services are a great option. We take the time to understand the facts of your specific situation and then we do the heavy lifting. Of course, not every denial or postponement is appealable. You can count on us to be honest about your chances of an alternative decision.

If anything we have said in this post resonates with you because you, or someone you know, are being denied a military or veteran benefit, please call us. As service members, we understand the frustration you are experiencing and we are committed to you. Serving your country is an honor and a sacrifice. You should not experience continued hardship because of some bureaucratic technicality. We will fight for that which you are rightfully entitled.

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