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Probation Revocation?

Offenders are often placed on probation in lieu of serving a prison sentence. The terms of probation can be negotiated between your attorney and the prosecutor. Regardless of the agreement reached, however, you are strictly required to abide by those terms if the court sentences you to probation. Importantly, probation will likely require you to report to a probation officer and report any significant changes in your life. This includes changes in residence, contact information, and employment changes. If you have children that you support monetarily, your probation will require that you keep current on any court ordered child support payments. If you were convicted of a narcotics offense, you will probably have to submit to drug screenings or attend (and pay for) community resource programming to help you stop using drugs or alcohol. And, depending on the nature of the crime for which you received probation, you might be required to stay away from certain people or types of people.

The specifics of your probation will be covered in detail and you are responsible for abiding by those provisions. If you receive probation, and you are unsure about the meaning of a term, you are strongly encouraged to consult with your probation officer or your attorney, if you have one. This provides you with more knowledge about things that you are and are not allowed to do under the terms of your probation.

Also included in your probation agreement, are the terms that are subject to probation revocation. These terms, if violated, will initiate revocation proceedings against you. If you are subject to revocation, the court has the authority to either excuse the violation, to adopt stricter terms of probation, or to revoke your probation entirely and send you to prison. If you are facing probation revocation, you need an attorney. More specifically, you need an attorney who is not afraid to confront the probationary system with full force. An attorney can represent your interests at the revocation hearing and help explain to the court why you should be allowed to continue your probation, if there is a good reason for such continuation, as opposed to being sentenced to jail. For example, if you were unable to make a required payment under the terms of your probation, your attorney can help explain the reason for that non-payment. Perhaps you are behind on your finances or in between jobs. If the court accepts this reasoning, the court might allow you more time to pay, rather than revoke your probation.

Regardless of your reason for violating the terms of your probation, it is essential that you are honest and forthcoming with your attorney. Maybe you made a mistake, or you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you are facing probation revocation because it is alleged that you committed another crime, we cannot stress enough the importance of hiring an attorney to represent your interests. If it is alleged that you committed another crime in violation of your probation you are faced with the possibility of jail time for both the probation violation and the new crime, depending on the circumstances. You should hire strong, competent counsel to help you understand the proceedings and validate your rights in the courtroom.

If you are currently on probation, and it is alleged that you have violated the terms of your probation, you can be immediately placed in custody pending the resolution of a probation revocation hearing. Call us immediately and let us represent you. We are willing to fight for your freedom and we will do what is necessary to get the best deal possible.

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